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A young genius from the age of 5 because of Yellow Grade Rank 7 Martial Spirit-Raging Thunder Dragon, which shocked 1000 miles around Great Forest County!. With this talent he was issued the Heaven's Chosen Order which would protect his life. From this he was propose a marriage from Xue Qianrou, but all good thing come to an end and at the age of 13 he suddenly became a waste, his father disappeared, he lost his position as young patriarch, and his fiance deprived him of his martial spirit. But he was not killed as the Xue Clan still cared about the Heaven's Chosen Order, so he was framed as a rapist and the engagement cancelled. Now Lan Fan regain his cultivation. What adventure lie ahead.


Ruthless to himself and enemies, decisive, takes revenge for the smallest grievance. Overbearing, but also affectionate to those close to him




Unaging forest founder (Old Man)

Ancient dragon crocodile Family

TianFu Kingdom

Crazy/The Demon

Tiantian Jiao

Wuji Binghan/ Promise (Former)

Wei Yi

Wei 2

Mo Zhu

Continent of Nations

Tianyi Sabrewielder Xue Yidao

Yellow Springs Envoy Yellow Springs

Langli Taojin Silver Gold Turning

Baiguyingshanbai 9 Feng

Moco Domain

Yao Family

Divine Court, God's Court

Soul 9